Do you want to be propelled forward in your personal life, business and career? Whether you feel like you’ve hit a bump in your road, are wondering what’s next for you in your career, or you are finally ready to make big changes and realize your wildest dreams, private coaching is a proven way to achieve new success and prosperity in your life. 

As a private coach, Lisa Lorraine works with individuals to define their ideal future and then creates a complete approach that uses each person’s core values and personal strengths to unlock their full potential. You already have what you need within you to succeed; One-on-one coaching will provide the support and empowerment you need to take the next step.

Life Coaching

A great life is supported by awareness and great choices. We help you plan and navigate your life transitions and take the steps to live your best life in integrity with your values. Your focus equals your results.

Business Coaching

We enjoy working with creative entrepreneurs and small business owners who seek financial profits from their companies using vision, planning, goals, strategies, systems, actions, and accountability.

Career Coaching

We help job seekers get hired using their strengths, interests, and skills. Employed clients learn to add skills, education, strategize and be a player, resulting in advancements.

Spiritual Coaching

Soul coaching for the heart is designed to help you know thyself and your oneness with the universe. This is gentle coaching using universal pronciples, law of attraction, visioning, affirmations and noble purpose clarification.

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